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09 Nov 2010 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

Last Thursday Josh @ Alpinfoto and I shot a super sweet commercial building which featured a small apartment. I took video and Josh shot photos for the builder Paul. Josh is a local pro Archtecture photographer and he, like Hillary Maybery want to offer video. So here I am looking like a goof ball shooting the property. It was a nice time.

Here is the video.

This was a good introductory to Architecture shooting. Unlike my previous endeavors, I have to create motion because a building and its features is “usually” static. This is just the beginning!

On Friday I woke up at 6:40AM and shot this stunning residence north of Ketchum. The video is further down.

That was a full day of shooting with four cameras constantly rolling. I used my own Canon 7D and Sony AVCHD + Hillarys 5D + Josh’s 5D. Most of this video was shot with a 12-20mm super wide angle, 24mm f1.4, and a 85, f1.2. Working with the 5D vs. the 7D was interesting because of the different sensor sizes in the two canons. The 7D for tight shots, and the 5D for the super wide ones. I am very excited to work with Josh and offer my services with him. Josh is very educated and I hope to pick up a few tips from him.

Later that day I was hayngin out with Alex and and I noticed how good the light was when he was parking his car. So I snapped a photo.

In my free time I snapped some iphone photos.

Saturday night, I snapped a few photos with my friends.

Today I wrapped up a Sneak Peak Video of the Grassi Residence.

Now Hillary Kristen and I are off to shoot a wedding in San Francisco! Ill be back next Tuesday.

A fall wedding shoot with all sorts of toys.

03 Nov 2010 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

Hillary Maybery invited me to shoot a faux wedding for inspiration and publicity. The goal was to showcase local services. The group went for more of a fashion-oriented shooting style…..with the couple who obviously enjoying every moment of their newly married status! The destination Sun Valley has a great group of venders including…. Taylor from Taylor’D Events,  Details by Terry Murphy owner of Bellissmo,  hair and makeup Jamilynn Smith from Vertu,  Suzy Hart owner of Deja Vu let us borrow the vintage jewelry and fur wrap, cake by Amy Anderson,  and video by me!
Here is the video I created.

Most of the footage was shot on the dolly I built. (photo will be uploaded ASAP) This was one of my first times putting the tool to use and it worked out pretty good. I did notice that even a small leaf stem on the track will transfer into the camera. While I was on the hunt to kill camera vibration I ended up ripping off my camera hand strap and only attaching the tripod mount. This dramatically helped image stabilization. FYI I am not a big fan of neck straps. Im all about being stealthy.
Hand Grip vs. no hand grip

The dolly is a tool that gives me a look which I haven’t implemented before (digg it by the way) but like every piece of gear there is a time and place. There is no way, me, myself could follow a bride and groom all day with the dolley, however there are a few scenes where I can sneak it in. P.S. next summer, im going to need a second hand. Let me know if you are interested! For weddings I wont use this tool too much, but for an upcoming adventure, architecture videos it will be my main tool. I cant wait to share the property I am going to capture! WOW. More on that later.

Until then here is some inspiration

All of my idols on stage. Check out some really good info.

Its Monday

01 Nov 2010 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

Hope yall had a roudy Haloween weekend like me! On Friday night I shot a salsa class and put my dolly to use. Video will be up soon. Yesterday a few friends and I explored Idaho in a HUGE RED FORD. Just wrapped up the edit. I had fun messing around with photoshop. Lots of burn and dodge tool here.

I took it easy last night and played around with an iphone app called instagram. Its rad because you can take or uplaod an original photo and apply a few hip fliters and then share the photo with the world via. facebook, twitter, flickr, or instagram’s community. Its a free app and pretty slick. Check out

Click the photo for a full gallery.


29 Oct 2010 / 0 Comments / in cinematography, gear, work

I started blogging in May of 2009. Around June 2010 my blog was accidentally deleted. After a busy summer I am back. My goal is to post my new gear, jobs / assignments i am working on or have completed, inspiration, and anything i find worth sharing. I hope you enjoy and be sure to stop by frequently.
Allright here we go!
Yesterday I wrapped up a video for Hillary Maybery.

I have been creating all of Hillary’s videos this summer. Check out the rest after THE JUMP

Today my new Dakine Reload Backpack arrived. My old bag was overloaded with this small amount of gear. Now, with this new one, I have wayyy to much space. I guess its time to start buying glass!