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Rob Englehardt’s 7D Reel

30 Sep 2011 / 0 Comments / in cinematography, work

I edited Rob’s footage into a promotional reel for him. So nice working with great footage. Check it out.


Morgan Cinemagraph

22 Sep 2011 / 0 Comments / in cinematography, photography

Give the animation a few seconds to load for it to play smooth.

Backcountry Films

20 Sep 2011 / 1 Comment / in cinematography, work

I have been working with Director, Cinematographer, and Producer Rob Englehardt. He has a new website and this is the first of two or more trailers I have edited together. I started from scratch beginning with the song / modifying it / choosing the top shots out of many clips / syncing them with the music / adding effects and transitions / reviewing it with rob / shifting clips / adding and removing clips / then exporting. Rob is stoked on it and I am too.

Liz + Alex: Wedding Movie

20 Sep 2011 / 0 Comments / in cinematography, work

SFP Studio web video: Voiceless Child

10 Sep 2011 / 0 Comments / in cinematography, work

Stephanie Perenchio comissioned me to create a vitural representation of her studio and show, Voiceless Child.

Another Cinemagraph

30 Aug 2011 / 0 Comments / in cinematography, photography

Look for the movement!

Chelsea + Maz: Wedding

27 Aug 2011 / 0 Comments / in cinematography, work

GMC Cinemagraph

This is a little rough but I finally created a Cinemagraph. It was inspired by (click here). I aspire to create something that tight before debuting but I cant help it! How rad is this? An image wait, a video without a typical video interface…for example a play button. Yes, this is not a “video” like what I usually create…multiple clips…audio (which is 50% of the experience) and this has none of it. It does have motion in a single clip. Just a little bit though. Enough to make you say…”wait…is that photo moving?!?!” Is this a photo or a video? Thats what I love about it…I have been searching for something this simple to implement on the web specifically for photographers seeking video. Most photographers are overwhelmed with cinema and for a good reason..its complicated. But with new technology in photographers DSLRs video is easy to capture. And assembling these moving pictures is MUCH easier than a film – Especially for you master photoshop users.
These Cinemagraphs are all about old school tech meets new tech. The .gif file type has been around FOREVER. But, until now…wait..until CS5 and high speed internet, it hasnt been possible to this quality. Underneth it all these are basic animations. In my shown one there are 14 frames and all of them have been color corrected and assembled in to one file and uploaded just like a .jpeg.
Now, these animations capture a very short amount of time. After creating movies that cover an entire day, Cinemagraphs have focused my attention to small meaningful moments in time. Realizing this has heightened my attention to detail which I will bring in to my movies and beyond. I see this technique moving in to so many areas on the web.. especially relating to news and events. Be on the lookout!

Donnie + Marie: Wedding

23 Aug 2011 / 0 Comments / in cinematography, work

Max Monahan Productions: Official Website

23 Aug 2011 / 0 Comments / in cinematography, design, work

A new site has been built for my wedding business. You may view all my engagement and wedding edits at