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Video: Mt. Biking w/ Nate S.

15 Oct 2012 / 0 Comments / in cinematography, gear

Shot some video of Nate Shrum on a local back yard run. When we reached the top of the trail clouds moved in and shaded us with low light. Still a fun evening of shooting and fun edit. I played around with FCP X’s color grading options. (better than FCP 7) Some will look better than others depending on you taste. YOLO

Studio shots!

12 Dec 2011 / 0 Comments / in gear, photography

I now have a 10′ roll of paper, stands, 580EX Flash and pocket wizards. I shot at Panache for their web catalogue.

Silver Creek Time-Lapse

02 Nov 2011 / 0 Comments / in cinematography, gear

Here is my first time-lapse video with the Canon 7D. I am pretty happy with how everything turned out but realized that I need to tun off the auto focus. You can see the frame pulsing in a few shots.
The whole time I wish I had five or ten cameras to capture as I was finding spots every where to shoot from. Silver Creek is incredibly beautiful. At least I had a go pro. Its angle is the wide and high one.
I also recorded the audio on my iphone.
More to come as I am off to shoot!

Workshop @pixelcorps with Brent Bye

I took a trip down to San Francisco to learn more about studio lighting.

I spent three days at Pixel Corps which shares a space with Twit.

If you haven’t noticed I typically use natural light as my main source. This workshop was great because I only worked with artificial light. I learned how to understand and control light temperature. Not only did we work with light we recognized shadows. Over all this class made me comfortable working on a set.

We also talked about the latest gear. Here I am with the Red Rock Micro shoulder rig.

Oh and I shot with the RED EPIC…No Big DEAL

After the workshop I picked up a job at Sales Force.

I covered an interview and created a few videos. This one was for their newsletter. I hope to continue working with them as I would like to spend more time in the Bay Area.

The next day Pixel Corps invited me to shoot a employee showcase video at the Quintessa Winery. It felt great to apply all my new knowledge on these two shoots.
Here we set up a motorized slider and captured a timelapse over two hours.
I will try to get ahold of the footage.

Then we set up a c-stand tripod way up high in a tree for another timelapse of the workers picking.

light paint night sesh

12 Apr 2011 / 0 Comments / in gear, Inspiration, photography

A very talented friend of mine Rika Pere invited me to a top secret fire spin / light paint session right at the base of Baldy on the Big Wood River. To arrive at what now feels like a spiritual setting we walked through some trees, tip toed on a log crossing a creek, and stumbled around on river rocks. I rolled up on a small group of people spinning fire with strange metal contraptions. It was kind of comical at first witnessing somebody dancing with a LED hula hoop, like… I the only one not on psychdellics?

I came prepared…in mind and gear….To better my understanding of the camera and to acheive the desired result I set my camera to manual setting long exposures, correct white balance, ISO, and aperture setting….(speaking of that, next time, with the shutter open for a good amount of time I will play with focus hopefully making the light larger and smaller).

I also brought a tripod for sharper images. On the topic of sharper images I brought the 24mm 1.4 lens compliments of my girl, HMaybery.
At first I sat back and documented the show.

Rika and her posse are naturally talented creative people who were great to bounce ideas back and forward with. This was probably the highlight of the night.

Until next time, enjoy!

Go Pro Test

21 Mar 2011 / 0 Comments / in cinematography, design, gear

I added a GoPro to my quiver and took it for a test drive.

42″ of media

15 Mar 2011 / 0 Comments / in gear

Since I am in the business of media….I dropped $500 bucks on a 42″ TV/Monitor for my home. The flat screen is connected to my laptop via a HDMI cable which allows me to kick back and enjoy Family Guy on Netflix, study by watching movies, or edit photos and video. I did need to do some color calibrating for the TV and its pretty close. Well…as close as you can get a LCD apple monitor to a Plasma TV. Two different types of monitors people. But i am stoked.
Claton and I dipped down to Best Buy in Twin Falls and somehow fit it in the Audi’s trunk. I also realized that I hadent visited Twin Falls in over a year… Not like I missed it……..


10 Mar 2011 / 0 Comments / in gear, photography

I went to Seattle to visit some friends on spring break. Bought some black and white film from Glazers. Had a good time.


29 Oct 2010 / 0 Comments / in cinematography, gear, work

I started blogging in May of 2009. Around June 2010 my blog was accidentally deleted. After a busy summer I am back. My goal is to post my new gear, jobs / assignments i am working on or have completed, inspiration, and anything i find worth sharing. I hope you enjoy and be sure to stop by frequently.
Allright here we go!
Yesterday I wrapped up a video for Hillary Maybery.

I have been creating all of Hillary’s videos this summer. Check out the rest after THE JUMP

Today my new Dakine Reload Backpack arrived. My old bag was overloaded with this small amount of gear. Now, with this new one, I have wayyy to much space. I guess its time to start buying glass!